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Project Unicorn

Some of you may not know but my beautiful boy and lesson horse Thomas was a slaughter rescue, I rescued him over the internet... he had 2 photos on his profile was skinny as heck, and was heading to Canada for slaughter in 2 weeks, and was in North Dakota. I was 19 lived in San Luis Obispo in an Apartment I maxed out my credit card to get him. He was just 4 months forward 15 years this month!!! He is my unicorn. He has given over 100+ children their first horse experiences and rides, he has provided comfort, build confidence and challenged not only myself but my students, he has won many ribbons at shows and to date has won 3 buckles and 2 reserves.

Because of him I want to to do the same for the next horse/pony.Now my next goal is to eventually start a non profit for a small farm animal rescue... but for now I have to start somewhere... In November I will be making a trip to a auction and see if anything fits my criteria for my next unicorn project!

If you would like to help me with my rescue project I have set up an account that money has been going in.

Donate today

Donate here for our next rescue project

you may donate in $5 increments, I will be going to a auction the first weekend of November.All monies will be going in a separate account and help with my rescue mission

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